Craft & Creativity Links : 13 June 2014

We are mid-way through June and it's Father's Day this Sunday. Have you planned anything yet? 

If not, here are some ideas : 

- make a personalised photo book that would make a great keepsake

- create upcycled jar lid family magnets with this easy tutorial by Angie  

- take part in Word Art and print out the photograph and frame it for your dad?

- schedule a date with your dad to Alive Museum and have some silly fun together

- make an origami t- shirt bookmark and decorate it

Finally, have you hopped on the rainbow loom wagon, I haven't yet but I thought you would like to hear the story of the founder.

Surprisingly, he isn't an entrepreneur looking for the best idea to take the world by storm.
He is simply a dad. One that wanted to help his daughters make bracelets from rubber bands but found his fingers to be too big.

I'm sure you will want to read the whole story so here's the link (Thanks, Delphine).

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!