Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am passionate about creativity.

If I were to choose my favourite craft materials, it would have to be paper and flowers. In February 2013, I started this blog to share simple DIY craft ideas that anyone could make. Blogging has enabled me to connect with people who share similar loves and that has been really amazing. I truly believe that God created us all with the gift to create and hope to encourage others to use that innate ability too. There is so much creativity around the globe so I started Creativity Spotlight to inspire others.  Also, to make life easier and a lot more fun, I started a series called Singapore Secrets with tips on where to find craft supplies and tips for living in Singapore. Finally, I occasionally share my thoughts on nurturing creativity as well as raising kids that love God.

You can also find me sharing my travel memoirs on a travel blog - Petite Travellers - that I recently started with some friends. 

Have a browse around and I do hope that you will enjoy your visit!