Hi there! It's nice to meet you! 

My name is Jasmine. I love the colour white, lush lemon tarts and I especially love crafting on rainy days.

As a mother of two boys, I love the challenge of doing things a little differently so as to make life just a tad bit more fun. 
I started Scissors Paper Stone as a place for me to share all my DIY craft ideas but it has since grown into a place where I seek to inspire Creativity. On this blog, you will find all forms of creativity that range from craft inspiration, party ideas as well as solutions for everyday life.  

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All children are born creative. It is only in adulthood that some of us have lost either the skill or the courage to be creative.
Apparently I got up to quite a lot of mischief when I was younger. I have aunties who like to repeat these stories at our large family gatherings, so I almost feel like I can recall it from memory.
Here is one such story ...
I was quietly playing at my grandma's house when I called out to my aunty and offered her a cookie. She assumed that I was just engaging in a little pretend play so she played along. But suddenly, I appeared with a tray and lots of rattan circles. Surprised, she asked me where they were from. I smiled, took her hand and brought her over to the rattan chair. Yes, that's me sitting in it in the picture above. I proudly showed her how I had carefully twisted them round and round and round until they came loose and formed my 'freshly baked' tray of 'cookies'.
Of course, I was punished and as if that was not enough, throughout my childhood, the story was retold again and again.
 Thankfully though that incident didn't discourage me from being creative. In fact, I have that exact photo in my work studio as a reminder to me to be creative. To look at things from a child-like manner, not to be fearful of an idea being shot down but to persist, test and throw up different solutions.
Because a child sees things in ways that are different from an adult. The curiousity in a child that seeks to explore and create is one that ought to be nurtured. Creativity doesn't worry about being wrong. It is the process and not the outcome that is important. Enjoy making and creating. If you have children, encourage them when they make something. Cultivate that creative spirit of curiousity and fearlessness.
They say that you can't teach someone to be creative, you can only nurture it.
And it is not too late even if you are an adult.
You can choose to be creative.
Begin with small steps. Try something new. Be brave, be creative, be spectacular.

So join me on this creative journey as I share ideas and inspiration for you to have fun with.
Happy browsing!

Jasmine Koh

If you are new to my blog, here are my answers to a few questions that I often get asked :

Why the name Scissors Paper Stone?  
I love making stuff and my favourite craft material is paper.  
Also I have a secret stash of glass stones in different shapes and sizes that I love to craft with. I  owned a shop that sold them (facebook.com/giftwrapsody). Hence the name seemed rather apt. 

But I also chose the name Scissors Paper Stone because it is a game that I played as a child growing up in Singapore in the 80s. It reminds me of a time when I played with bits of paper and pretended that I was frying rice. It helps me remember to play with ideas and not worry about whether anyone will like them. It reminds me to be creative.

What did you work as before you became a mum?
I was training to be an actuary in London when my husband proposed to me. I said yes and returned home to Singapore to get married in 2001. I spent 5 months happily planning my wedding and then when I returned to the working world, I moved into Marketing and Business Development, first in the financial sector and then later in the childcare industry.

How many kids do you have?
I have two boys who are 4 and 7 and I wouldn't change a thing. 

Where do you get your ideas from?
My ideas spring out of my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, neighbour, friend. I also enjoy surfing blogs and the internet for diy ideas that I can try out and often one idea leads to another. I often get inspired when I travel and I find myself scribbling ideas down furiously whenever I am on a plane. Sometimes my ideas are just ways to solve problems that I see. For now, the blog is simply a wonderful outlet for me to express my creativity and craft for the people that I love.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved to create with my hands. I am fortunate to have a mum who has always encouraged my creative efforts which has given me the confidence to try and fail and try again. My mum is a wonderful lady who never takes no for an answer. She believes that every problem can be solved and often she will come up with a creative solution. I hope to inspire my children in the same way. 

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Where do you find the time to blog?
This often takes place when the kids are in school or when they are in bed. Since my kids were babies, they have followed a routine where they would be in bed by around 8pm each evening. So when they are tucked in their beds, I am often planning posts and crafting in my little studio or catching up on chores. If you want to take a peek at their bedroom, you can check it out here.

Do you have a shop?
I own an online shop called Gift Wrapsody where I sell meaningful gift kits for people to make personalised gifts for others. My online shop is closed at the moment as I am keen to work with a retail store to stock my products. If you are a retailer with queries, do drop me an email me at hello [at] gift-wrapsody [dot] com.

What don't you do?
I am awful at sewing. I think my husband can stitch better than I can. It is very embarrassing. 

Can you be found on any social networks?
I can be found on instagram (@scissorspaperstoneblog), twitter (@scissorspsblog) and on vine (ScissorsPaperStone blog) and at facebook.com/scissorspaperstoneblog.

What do you do in your free time?
I am a big fan of Suits, Grey's Anatomy and Downton Abbey plus I hate ironing. Often when the kids are asleep, I can be found ironing while catching up on the latest episode. 

Thanks for reading!