O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Every year when it comes to decorating our christmas tree, I am never quite happy with how it looks. Somehow it tends to look amatuerish and never like the ones that I see in the malls. It frustrates me somewhat but having young kids meant I learnt to live with the imperfectly decorated tree.

This year though, magic happened! Somehow my tree turned out right!

The secret lies therein in the use of ribbons - many many ribbons. They managed to fill out the tree and created the much-needed symmetry and balance.

I also realised that ribbons are a great decorating tool for families with toddlers cos otherwise the ornaments at the bottom just get pulled off. These are super easy to make. I folded the ribbon into a bow and then used flower wire to hold the bow in place. They were then really easy to attach to the tree. I'm sorry I don't have clearer instructions. I can try to do a diy video if some of you are interested. I must say that I am quite pleased with the final outcome.

Do you have any tricks to decorating the perfect tree? I'd love to hear them.