Gift Wrap :: Yarn Wrapped Gifts

image via STC Craft

Sorry for the silence! I have been busy packing and unpacking boxes and to make matters worse, the kids have recently fallen ill. I am taking a short break from wrapping stuff in newspaper to share this lovely gift-wrapping idea.

I really love the colourful yarn set against the brown kraft paper packinging!

Now I'm sure you now realise I have a thing for pretty wrapping.

So you probably won't be too surprised that I have managed to stash away rolls of wrapping paper if ever I might need one.

I have them in solid colours. Shimmery silver. Black and white stripes. Colourful polka dots. Pink floral designs. even Ben 10.

Too many types, really!

BUT since starting this blog, I have had this strange strong urge to go out and buy a huge roll of brown paper.

Maybe soon... after I move :)