Gift Wrap :: Glass Rock gift topper

Sorry I have been missing for while. Life has been busy with kids falling ill and I have been working on a business idea which I hope to share with you soon.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the present that I wrapped for my mum for her 60th birthday that we celebrated recently.

To create this gift topper, you will need:
- one flat marble (I used one that measured 1 inch in diameter)
- thumbtack
- tracing paper

1. Print out the words that you would like to use on a piece of tracing paper.
2. Place the flat marble on the tracing paper and trace a circle around it.
3. Cut out the wording.
4. Use clear transparent glue to stick the rock onto the wording so that the image does not show up.
5. Using epoxy adhesive, I then stuck the thumbtack to the back of the rock.
6. Wrap your present with a bow and press the glass rock gift topper into the middle.

Ta Da! Your gift is wrapped.

We got dressed up for lunch that day so here are some nice shots of my kids.