Eat :: Professor Brawn Cafe

I have two good friends whom I meet up with regularly but always with our kids. Now that our kids are older and in school for some part of the day, we broached the idea of meeting for lunch without the kids.

Yesterday, we managed to do this for the first time! 

And it was lovely being able to have conversation without being interrupted.

We decided to meet at Professor Brawn Cafe which is situated at Novena Square on Level 2. 

It is a Social Enterprise started up by parents and friends who were looking to make a difference for the special needs community by offering job opportunities, showcase their talents and raise an awareness. 

What a great idea!

One of my friends had the Gourmet Sausage with Rosti which looked delish. I think I will try that the next time I am there.

You can read more about how it all began here at this blog post.