Quote :: Words from Neil Armstrong

hi there!

I am starting a new series of quotes which I hope will encourage and inspire you to be intentional and thoughtful about living life meaningfully. 

I really enjoyed listening to the Prime Minister's national day rally speech. It was good to hear a greater emphasis on other things apart from GDP growth. Prioritising the things that are important to us and to remind us to rush less and to work towards a work-life balance. Indeed it is not something the government can enforce, we need to make decisions to draw boundaries and live life meaningfully. 

I have recently also been very encouraged that a number of bloggers have been taking steps to do just that. I have been taking a step back too from my online interactions and trying to figure out how to draw healthy boundaries. June shared about unplugging, Ruth wrote about time stealers and Susan also recently talked about taking better care of herself. Lots of helpful tips there.

No one on their deathbed wished that they had worked more. So let's help one another to create a shift in Singapore culture. It is something that we have to do together, changing mindsets and learning to make every moment count. 

Today, I am starting with a quote from Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. He died on Saturday at the age of 82. We may not make it to the moon but we can be deliberate about the heartbeats that we have :)