5 Simple Things :: 17 September 2012

Hi! How was your weekend? 

Here are just 5 simple things from my weekend that I want to share with you. 

1. Parenthood
I don't watch many tv shows but I do follow Suits, Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood. So I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the series just started. Caught the first episode and it was just great to catch up with the family drama that happens there. Do you watch Parenthood?

2. Decluttering
We are in decluttering mode and we attacked the soft toy pile yesterday. I made the kids choose 7 soft toys that they love and the rest, we would give away. It took them a while to agree but I think it will make them appreciate and care for the 7 that they have. Do you have any tips for managing your kids' toys?

3. Running
As I browsed the papers today, I noticed quite a number of charity runs that happened over the weekend. I have been ill and so I have taken a break from running but i can't wait to start again. I also came across this charity run idea called Run 10 Feed 10 that feeds 10 children for every race participant. Based in the US, I like the idea and wonder if someone will start something similar here although the run I really want to run is The Color Run.  

4. Disconnecting
I forgot my phone on sunday and it felt good to disconnect for those few hours. Do you deliberately disconnect on weekends?

5. Outdoors
A little outdoor play makes my boys eat and sleep better. I hope to make more of an effort to bring them out more regularly. 

// Photo taken this weekend on my iphone.