Friday Thoughts :: 28 September 2012

1. Lantern Festival falls on 30 September, Sunday this year. I love how the mooncake festival is a great time for families to spend time together.  I had thought of making lanterns from scratch but I was short on time. In the end, I bought paper lanterns from Daiso and the kids had a fun time painting them. I was inspired by Rachel's space-themed lanterns, but was really blown away by the lightning mcqueen version that she crafted with her boys using recycled materials. If you have time, you might want to consider making a lantern from pomelo, Michelle made one with her kids.

2. Work Update
I had an excuse to craft this week as I prepared samples of my gift kits for a flea market organised by Tampines Changkat CC. It is happening tonight from 5pm-10pm. They will be selling two types of vintage pins and a vintage ring (pictured above). If you are interested to pop by, check out my facebook page for more details. 

3. Parenting Tip
I was talking to some of my church mummy friends and asking them for parenting advice. I have found it hard to get my younger son to respond to requests immediately. Well, as we chatted, I was reminded me that I need to be stern yet not lose it when I talk to him. I tried that this week. I was deliberately stern right at the start and I tried to speak with a low deep voice (seriously this works) and he responded really well. Hope this continues for a while :)

4. Popiah Party
My church group came round last night and we ordered from here. It was my first time ordering from them but the popiah was pretty yummy. If you want to try it, my tips would be to order a little less than you need. We had way too much leftover. Also, order the day before and save yourself $15. 

5. The husband has been travelling this week but heads back tomorrow. Yay! I can't wait for the weekend. What do you have planned?

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