Life :: A short trip to KL

We just got back from a short getaway to Kuala Lumpur! 

Traveling there was a little more eventful than expected. Our car bumper fell off and ended up dragging on the road! It took creative measures to fasten it back temporarily but thankfully a wire and masking tape worked like magic. In addition to that, one son threw up twice cos he felt car sick. 

Oh well...thankfully, the trip turned out to be great family time and the kids really loved Kidzania which was why we decided to head to KL in the first place. More on our time there later! 

Anyway, i start a new weekly series tomorrow called matchmaking (which i prepared before i left for our hols). We begin with matchmaking gifts and cards . Do check back tomorrow! I promise you it will be fun!

Jasmine xx

* The image above was shot with my iphone while we were zipping across the highway to Malaysia.