5 Things :: 8 October 2012

Hi! I hope you had a good rest this weekend. Mine seemed to fly by. Did yours?

Here are 5 things that I want to share with you from my weekend.

1. Sandcastle Building
I have recently had the urge to build sandcastles with my kids so on friday, we headed to a beach and dug and built to our heart's content. Well, the reason for my excitement was that I had read this Martha Stewart article on building sandcastles and found out that the secret to a solid castle is one part water to one part sand. I tried it and it works!! I can't wait to make more.

2. Put Mom in the Picture
I was at the Cardboard Challenge on Friday when Evelyn asked if I wanted to take a photo with my kids. I was um, hot and sweaty so I politely declined. Then I read this Huffington Post article titled The Mom stays in the Picture and well, felt quite silly. Apparently, I wasn't alone cos here is another article Put Mom in the Picture that follows on from that one.

3. The Fox and the Hound
It can be hard to find age-appropriate movies for my younger son to watch so I was really excited when Delphine mentioned that Golden Village was bringing back a number of Disney Classics just for kids. We bought tickets for the kids to watch The Fox and the Hound which they loved. It was a really special treat for them and we treated them to popcorn to complete the experience.

4. Emotions
I spent my Saturday morning at a church talk for ladies about emotions and it was really excellent. The speaker helped us to see that God made us to be people with emotions and they weren't wrong. We also spent some time thinking through what to do with negative emotions which was incredibly helpful. So thankful for the husband for minding the kids cos it has given me lots to ponder on.

5. Tear and Tell Story
Do you sometimes wonder what you could do to inject some fun into your time with your kids? The Playful Parents has a list of great ideas and Evelyn has been trying them out. There are a number of really great ideas and I hope to try this one.