Friday :: 19 October 2012

Hi! How are you? 

It's Friday and the week has just zipped by in a flash. I have enjoyed this week as we talked about hobbies and loved having time to think about fun things to do.

For me, it has been a week filled with party planning but I ended up making only one batch of cookie batter. I will need to make a couple more batches before I can start baking them followed by icing them. I haven't quite decided if I am gonna use fondant or icing but I hope to finish this project this weekend.  

Also, we had a little minor incident yesterday when one of my kids decided to play hairdresser and ended up with a short fringe. I had to bring him to the barber this morning to have it trimmed. I told both my sons that the barber fee would come out of their pocket money but I am not sure if they have learnt their lesson! 

Have your kids ever done that? What did you do? I would love to hear your responses!