Life :: Making Memories

Hi there! 

I am taking off for the month of December to spend some time with family. We hope to swim, eat yummy food, have lots of time to chat and play together. But not to worry, I have worked really hard this month to ensure that the posts will still go on. So you can expect posts on the Handmade Holiday Ideas to continue plus a couple of kid related posts and a new series called Meaningful Gift Guide. I am really excited about sharing them with you and have worked hard to put it together so I hope you get inspired by some of them. 

Do feel free to share these ideas with your friends too since it is the holidays and you might be a receiver of one of these nice ideas! I hope to pop in occasionally to read and answer your comments so feel free to leave questions or thoughts here. I love hearing from you. 

For now, here's wishing you Happy Holidays! 

* I made a couple of ornaments to mark key milestones for 2012. This was one of them. J can now swim and I wanted to encourage K in his swim journey too. Happy Memory Making!