Our Christmas Ornament Collection

Our Christmas Tree is up and I am really enjoying the festive spirit around the house. We are travelling a little this year and so I thought I would get a headstart on things. The nice thing about having the tree up is that it puts me in the mood to begin planning for presents and am excited about baking too. 

The process of putting up the tree is so tedious that I am glad it will be up for a while. It takes me a while to decorate the tree and I did it on my own because I refused to let the children help. If you are a fan of friends, you will recognise that I am very monica-like in this respect.

But the lovely thing about putting up ornaments is that they bring back sweet and warm memories. Like the angel ornament pictured above was the wedding favour from my best friend's wedding. We have been friends for a long time and she is very special.

The ornaments with bible verses were made by Jaeden during our church Christmas programme last year. Each contains an old testament promise that was fulfilled in Jesus's birth. If you have been following my blog, you will probably recognise that the supplies came from my gift boutique.

Finally, in the background of this photo, you will see a fairy which was purchased from the hotel that we stayed at during a staycation in Singapore where we celebrated my birthday. It was a lovely time when K was still a bub and so a staycation was the perfect getaway.

Also pictured above is a dragonfly made from clay. This lovely white ornament was purchased from Brisbane, Australia on our last vacation there. As I have two boys, I have used dragonflies when decorating the boys' furniture as I find it to be a nice alternative to butterflies. So I was delighted when I chanced upon it. 

I will be adding a few more ornaments to the tree this year and will share the ideas with you tomorrow. Perhaps you might find an idea or two in creating your own special ornament collection.