Creativity and Failing

* If you can, watch the video (4:28) before reading this post.

Rejection sucks. Big time.

No one likes to fail (or fall like in the video above). 

And sometimes, it is just easier not to try.

Because if we don't try, we can't fail.

We don't have to risk rejection.

You may not know this but I struggled quite a bit with the prospect of 'rejection and failure' over the last few weeks.

I recently tried submitting my ideas to various places.

Yes, I was very fortunate to be featured in the Straits Times Get Crafty feature and also on Singapore Motherhood

Those were certainly happy dance of joy moments (figuratively, of course).

And I was very thankful.

But what you didn't see were the moments of rejection.

The ideas that didn't make the cut.

The emails that politely declined my craft ideas.

I won't lie. It was hard at points.

Learning to deal with a rejected idea was not easy.

What? Someone doesn't love that super cool craft idea of mine?

I waddled in self pity for a moment, ranted to my sister on the phone and then went to bed.

Honestly, it seems ridiculous to be upset over a DIY craft submission.
In fact, I really wasn't sure if I ought to share this with you on the blog.

But I decided to share this with you to encourage you.

I want you to know that even I have moments like these.

That everytime we put ourselves out there, we risk failure.
Perhaps even rejection.

It isn't easy.
It may cost you some tears.
It might be painful.
It certainly won't be perfect.

But the cost of not trying is much higher. 
Never moving forward because we were too scared to try.
Not knowing what could possibly have been achieved if we had only dared.

So, c'mon, join me in taking baby steps to put yourself out there.

Because the ones who succeed in the end are the ones who tried.

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