5 Photo Apps that I Love

As you know, I'm in Northern Territory, Australia at the moment and am taking loads of photos, maybe too many but it's definitely been fun.

And since I am here without my kids, I have had more time to play around with photo-editing apps.

So today I decided to share 5 that I love :

1. Pointilist
An app that transforms a photo into a pointilist painting at the touch of a button

2. Labelbox
Add labels to your photos with a swipe. See the Mindil Beach image. Labels are available in different colours and patterns.

3. Diptic
Combine and edit photos into unusual collages just like the wave collage.

4. Over
Add beautiful typography and artwork to your photos like I did in the crocodile cruise pic.

5. A Beautiful Mess
Edit your photos by applying photo filters, fun fonts and hand drawn doodles. Check out the cashew nut stir fry and crocodile meat image.

What are your favourite Photo apps?