Wrap :: 3 ways to use the Printable Tags

Today I promised to show you a few other ways to use the printable tags that I shared yesterday. Besides pairing them with tea bags, you might like to use them on a cupcake or as a gift tag. 

I snapped some pictures of the goodies that I prepared for my son's teachers. Hope you get round to making something fun! Scroll down for a link to the printable.

Wrap :: Pantone Circles

image via dSharp journal

This idea is for all you people who might have pantone cards stashed away in some craft drawer. 

Unfortunately, I don't but this is such a great idea. 

If you have some, do try this! 

I will probably try this with some pretty paper. 

Cos pretty paper, that I definitely have!

Wrap :: Glitter Alphabets

image via cakewalkbaking

I stumbled upon this great blog today called cakewalk by a lady called Michele who has been a retail buyer, pastry cook, floral designer and professional gift wrapper. Wow! It is no wonder her blog has loads of stunning pictures of amazing party details. She has creative blood running through her veins.

Check out this amazing gift-wrapping party that she organised.

I love the fact that she had a 'dessert table spread' with ribbon, gift wrap and loads of pretty supplies.

My favourite bit was the alphabets in glitter.

Here are more photos!

Gift Wrap :: Glass Rock gift topper

Sorry I have been missing for while. Life has been busy with kids falling ill and I have been working on a business idea which I hope to share with you soon.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the present that I wrapped for my mum for her 60th birthday that we celebrated recently.

To create this gift topper, you will need:
- one flat marble (I used one that measured 1 inch in diameter)
- thumbtack
- tracing paper

1. Print out the words that you would like to use on a piece of tracing paper.
2. Place the flat marble on the tracing paper and trace a circle around it.
3. Cut out the wording.
4. Use clear transparent glue to stick the rock onto the wording so that the image does not show up.
5. Using epoxy adhesive, I then stuck the thumbtack to the back of the rock.
6. Wrap your present with a bow and press the glass rock gift topper into the middle.

Ta Da! Your gift is wrapped.

We got dressed up for lunch that day so here are some nice shots of my kids.

Gift Wrap :: Birthday Labels

It's the weekend again! Hope you are having a good one.

I enjoyed a good Saturday with the kids and the husband.

Really enjoyed my one-on-one time with my older son in the afternoon while the littler one slept which was nice.

Well today, i thought i would show you a quick and neat idea.

Gift labels that wrap around the present.

I made some gift labels for my son to use on gifts for friends a few weeks ago.

Today I got to test them out. What do you think?

Gift Wrap :: Pretty Packaging Supplies

Where do you go to get your packaging supplies? 

Today I thought I would share with you a couple that I have chanced upon. 

They have a wide range of brown and white boxes and a whole lot more. You have to go to their website to check out the range.

Here are a few of my favourite items...

The possibilities are endless!

This shop is owned by Natalie Jost and is widely known for their range of well-designed handmade packaging. Her site has more than just packaging. Enjoy browsing her site.

If you love all things sweet and pretty, you will love Shop Sweet Lulu. You can find striped or polka dotted paper bags for candy or favors,  stripey straws, round balloons (yes, as round as a circle), gorgeous cake stands, cupcake boxes... I could go on and on. 

She has perfect pretty packaging that would suit any party or any occasion for that matter.

To check it out for yourself, visit her site here.

Have fun shopping!

Gift Wrap :: Yarn Wrapped Gifts

image via STC Craft

Sorry for the silence! I have been busy packing and unpacking boxes and to make matters worse, the kids have recently fallen ill. I am taking a short break from wrapping stuff in newspaper to share this lovely gift-wrapping idea.

I really love the colourful yarn set against the brown kraft paper packinging!

Now I'm sure you now realise I have a thing for pretty wrapping.

So you probably won't be too surprised that I have managed to stash away rolls of wrapping paper if ever I might need one.

I have them in solid colours. Shimmery silver. Black and white stripes. Colourful polka dots. Pink floral designs. even Ben 10.

Too many types, really!

BUT since starting this blog, I have had this strange strong urge to go out and buy a huge roll of brown paper.

Maybe soon... after I move :)

Gift Wrap :: Food Wrapped in Love

Even sandwiches can be jazzed up with a special label and simple string. These sandwiches were actually part of a wedding of two designers, Danni and Nick who chose to be wed at a Park in Fullerton, California where they had their first date!

I love how they were happy to do things a little differently.

They chose to have guests arrive at 4pm and had blankets laid out and guests munched on these deliciously wrapped yummies. Then when the sun was about to set, the guests gathered around to watch them say their vows. It ended with a post-ceremony dessert party.

Oh and they gave out mini bundt cakes as favors. Don't you love the wrapping? 
She designed the tags herself and wrapped them with fabric ribbons and a wood fork. 

Watch their video here.