Flowers : Valentine's Day

Hello! How was Valentine's Day for you?

I was busy bundling up pretty bouquets for the special ladies in my life! I made one bouquet for my sister and one for my mum. Just a small way to thank them for just being so great. Last week, I also mailed a little package to my sis in the US and she texted me to let me know she got it yesterday so that made me doubly happy!

I don't know what it is about flowers but they make me very happy but I suspect it is the same for all girls. Men on the other hand, just don't get it. But then, not all of us women get football either. So I guess God just made us very different :)

I also made a couple of last minute valentine's day cookie packages for my son's teachers.

I ended up doing this on my own cos I had shooed the kids to bed. I must say that I am loving how a little decorative tape can transform a card or a gift. I have only recently started using it. If you are wondering where you can find decorative tape, it is getting more commonplace and often you can find them at stationery shops. It is different from washi paper tape and if I recall correctly, cheaper.

If you have been hunting for them, you can try Kinokuniya, Paper Market and the Stationery Superstore at Funan. 

Finally, let me leave you with a youtube video that I posted on Facebook that just brought a little cheer to my heart as I watched it. Sure, it isn't reality but I guess that is the choice that we are faced with daily. Pass on a little love today and it doesn't have to be valentine's day!