Life :: Making Memories

Hi there! 

I am taking off for the month of December to spend some time with family. We hope to swim, eat yummy food, have lots of time to chat and play together. But not to worry, I have worked really hard this month to ensure that the posts will still go on. So you can expect posts on the Handmade Holiday Ideas to continue plus a couple of kid related posts and a new series called Meaningful Gift Guide. I am really excited about sharing them with you and have worked hard to put it together so I hope you get inspired by some of them. 

Do feel free to share these ideas with your friends too since it is the holidays and you might be a receiver of one of these nice ideas! I hope to pop in occasionally to read and answer your comments so feel free to leave questions or thoughts here. I love hearing from you. 

For now, here's wishing you Happy Holidays! 

* I made a couple of ornaments to mark key milestones for 2012. This was one of them. J can now swim and I wanted to encourage K in his swim journey too. Happy Memory Making!

Me Time :: Beauty 101

This week, we are focusing on Beauty. 

The outer kind not the inner kind. 

My personal take is that inner beauty is the best kind but as we age, it certainly isn't a bad thing to learn a little tip or two about caring for our bodies. 

To be honest, I really fall short in this area. So I hope to be learning lots this week from everyone. If you have a beauty tip to share, please do share it here.

Meanwhile, I have pinned a few beauty DIY recipes that I found that look really easy to do. You can find them here on this pinterest board - Me Time :: Beauty

// the print above can be purchased from innovativestencils on etsy

Friday :: 19 October 2012

Hi! How are you? 

It's Friday and the week has just zipped by in a flash. I have enjoyed this week as we talked about hobbies and loved having time to think about fun things to do.

For me, it has been a week filled with party planning but I ended up making only one batch of cookie batter. I will need to make a couple more batches before I can start baking them followed by icing them. I haven't quite decided if I am gonna use fondant or icing but I hope to finish this project this weekend.  

Also, we had a little minor incident yesterday when one of my kids decided to play hairdresser and ended up with a short fringe. I had to bring him to the barber this morning to have it trimmed. I told both my sons that the barber fee would come out of their pocket money but I am not sure if they have learnt their lesson! 

Have your kids ever done that? What did you do? I would love to hear your responses! 

Me Time :: Hobbies

Do you have any hobbies? I love crafting and since I stopped work to care for the kids, I have tried my hand at a number of different creative hobbies.

When the kids were younger, my husband kindly took care of the kids for a few hours so I could attend baking workshops. I really enjoyed learning the different techniques and experimenting with fondant and icing.


I also really enjoyed planning my kids' parties. So much so that I try to limit the time that I spend on party planning cos it can get quite out of hand. There was a particular party in 2009 which led me to make not one but two piñatas. Mainly cos I couldn't find one that fit my theme. It was a batman and bumblebee party :)


More recently, I began helping out with weddings at church and tried my hand at flower arrangements. It was a lovely way to serve the friends who were getting married and also get the opportunity to play around with loads more flowers than I would ever buy for myself.


Do you have a hobby? It might fall into the outdoor category or the collection type? Interested to pick up a new hobby but not sure where to begin?


is a good article that I found helpful. 

5 Things :: 8 October 2012

Hi! I hope you had a good rest this weekend. Mine seemed to fly by. Did yours?

Here are 5 things that I want to share with you from my weekend.

1. Sandcastle Building
I have recently had the urge to build sandcastles with my kids so on friday, we headed to a beach and dug and built to our heart's content. Well, the reason for my excitement was that I had read this Martha Stewart article on building sandcastles and found out that the secret to a solid castle is one part water to one part sand. I tried it and it works!! I can't wait to make more.

2. Put Mom in the Picture
I was at the Cardboard Challenge on Friday when Evelyn asked if I wanted to take a photo with my kids. I was um, hot and sweaty so I politely declined. Then I read this Huffington Post article titled The Mom stays in the Picture and well, felt quite silly. Apparently, I wasn't alone cos here is another article Put Mom in the Picture that follows on from that one.

3. The Fox and the Hound
It can be hard to find age-appropriate movies for my younger son to watch so I was really excited when Delphine mentioned that Golden Village was bringing back a number of Disney Classics just for kids. We bought tickets for the kids to watch The Fox and the Hound which they loved. It was a really special treat for them and we treated them to popcorn to complete the experience.

4. Emotions
I spent my Saturday morning at a church talk for ladies about emotions and it was really excellent. The speaker helped us to see that God made us to be people with emotions and they weren't wrong. We also spent some time thinking through what to do with negative emotions which was incredibly helpful. So thankful for the husband for minding the kids cos it has given me lots to ponder on.

5. Tear and Tell Story
Do you sometimes wonder what you could do to inject some fun into your time with your kids? The Playful Parents has a list of great ideas and Evelyn has been trying them out. There are a number of really great ideas and I hope to try this one.

Photo Moment

My son has been nursing a cough and fever so he has been home with me these few days. Now my studio does tend to look like a warzone sometimes but it looks like war is about to break out soon. 

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