If you currently use a news aggregator or RSS reader, you can subscribe to the RSS here.


If you don't use one, here is why I use one ( if you are interested ) :

I personally like using google reader to keep track of all the blogs that I follow but you can use it to keep track of news sites as well.

What I love about using a news aggregator is that ... 

1. It saves me time
It means I don't need to hop around visiting different sites but instead, all their posts are pulled into my reader. 

2. I never miss a post  

All the posts are pulled in so I can catch up on news in my own time.

I tend to catch up on posts using my iphone using the G-Whizz! app. Occasionally, I will read them at my desktop but generally I do it on the phone. Great time-filler when you are waiting for someone.